Driving Sustainability

Apollo works every day to lead responsibly and leverage our full platform to create positive impact at scale. We believe that private enterprise can play an important role in tackling the most pressing environmental and societal challenges we face. Today, our commitment to sustainability remains a defining attribute of our Firm and embedded in our culture. We see it as more than a risk mitigator but a driver of opportunity and growth. As a part of our commitment, Apollo strives to be an industry leader in ESG data collection, transparency, and engagement with portfolio companies.

Sustainable Investing Platform

Sustainable Investing Platform

In 2022, Apollo launched a comprehensive Sustainable Investing Platform focused on financing and investing in the energy transition and decarbonization of industry. Across asset classes, we target deploying $50 billion in clean energy and climate investments over the next five years, and we see the opportunity to deploy more than $100 billion over 10 years.

Apollo’s ESG Philosophy

Apollo has developed a strong bench of ESG talent, including Chief Sustainability Officer, Dave Stangis, as well as dedicated heads of ESG for our private equity and credit businesses. The depth of talent and leadership reinforces Apollo’s commitment to ESG as the Firm looks to drive operational rigor and positive impact around the globe.

Apollo is elevating its approach to sustainability, leveraging it as a growth strategy for the Firm and its clients. By using sustainability as a driver of opportunity, Apollo believes it can help the companies in which Apollo-managed funds invest become better companies through engagement initiatives and empowering every employee to make a difference.

Ecosystem at Apollo1


Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Committee of the AGM Board

Business Committee

Management Committee

Office of Sustainability

Expanding Opportunity



Sustainable Investing Platform

Apollo Impact Platform

Sustainability Leadership

Dave Stangis
Chief Sustainability Officer

Laurie Medley
Global Head of ESG

Carletta Ooton
Head of ESG, Private Equity

Michael Kashani
Head of ESG, Credit

Robert Esposito
Senior Counsel, ESG

Olivia Wassenaar
Head of Sustainable Investing and Head of Natural Resources

Joe Moroney
Head of Sustainable Finance, Co-Head of Global Corporate Credit

Christine Bave
Deputy Head of Sustainable Finance

Daniel Vogel
Deputy Head of Sustainable Finance

Jonathan Simon
Global Head of Leadership Development and Diversity

Lauren Coape-Arnold
Global Head of Citizenship and Executive Director of the Apollo Opportunity Foundation

Marc Becker
Co-Head of Impact

Joanna Reiss
Co-Head of Impact

Lisa Hall
Impact Chair

  1. As of January 1, 2022. This only reflects the sustainability of AAM and does not include Athene and Athene’s subsidiaries. This graphic depicts a simplified sustainability ecosystem of AAM and is not intended to convey the structure and full scope of reporting lines within that ecosystem.
With Apollo’s strong talent bench, historical leadership in ESG data collection and reporting, and our position as a leading alternative asset manager, we have a responsibility to play a catalytic role in helping to drive a more sustainable future. By approaching sustainability in a comprehensive way, we can unlock and create value for all our stakeholders.
Dave Stangis Partner and Chief Sustainability Officer

For over a decade Apollo has set the standard for ESG reporting within our industry. Read Volume 14 to see how Apollo is continuing to lead responsibly and drive a more sustainable future.

Investing and Operating with Impact

Apollo incorporates ESG considerations into many of our decision-making processes — from how we invest, to how we lend, to how our firm operates globally. 

Apollo has adopted a comprehensive Responsible Investing and ESG Policy, with customized policies for each asset class. Apollo-managed funds advise portfolio companies in prioritizing ESG issues across their operations and different lines of our business. Apollo’s Equity strategy uses a strategic framework across three overarching pillars — Sustainability, DE&I, and Responsible Stewardship. Within Apollo’s Yield strategy, we have developed a proprietary rating system to further incorporate ESG diligence into our investment process and within private equity, we have launched the dedicated Impact Platform to invest in later-stage companies aligned with specific UN SDGs.

We believe how a company prioritizes material ESG issues in its operations is essential to its success. Our robust ESG program combines our extensive experience and rigorous industry-leading reporting to help unlock value for our funds’ portfolio companies.
Carletta Ooton Head of ESG, Private Equity
Credit investors can and do play a role in encouraging positive change within issuers — ranging from ESG performance to disclosure and transparency. Our goal is that when debt matures, we’ve helped shape a stronger business.
Michael Kashani Head of ESG, Credit
ESG in Action

Explore how Apollo is working with companies to drive a more sustainable future.

Driving Sustainability

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Driving Sustainability

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Driving Sustainability

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