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Millions of families around the world count on Apollo to generate investment income and retirement savings. We invest in private and public markets and across the full Yield, Hybrid and Equity spectrum to seek excess returns for our clients, whether they access our capabilities through Apollo’s alternative strategies or Athene’s suite of retirement savings products.

We take a patient, creative and rigorous approach to investing, and provide businesses with innovative capital solutions for growth. Through our asset management business, Apollo powers hundreds of thousands of jobs, fuels local economies, and helps to finance some of the most important and capital-intensive endeavors like the clean energy transition.

We are committed to having a positive impact on companies and communities by promoting sustainability, expanding opportunity and promoting sound environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices.

Asset Management


Capital Provider Solutions - Capital Financing



Hybrid Debt and Equity Investment Strategies



Our Equity Business - Driving Business Transformation


“We have created a differentiated model and built the best team in the business to lead within an evolving, high-growth asset management industry.”

Global Wealth Management Solutions

For individuals and their advisors, we offer a growing range of wealth management solutions to meet their needs by going beyond the public markets.

Global Wealth Management Solutions

Video: Global Wealth Management Solutions - Stephanie Drescher

Rigorous, Independent Thinking

We are known for offering investors innovative ideas that go beyond the conventional wisdom, and for developing what we believe are creative financial solutions to often complex challenges

Committed to Advisors and Their Clients

We partner with wealth and financial advisors to deliver alternative solutions to diversify their clients’ portfolios and help them achieve their long-term goals

30-Year Track Record

Apollo has a record of top-tier performance since 1990, with a distinctive culture and investment philosophy it follows today

Investing at Scale

Our $523BN assets under management and integrated platform prepare us for proprietary opportunities at a large scale, around the world

An ESG Perspective

We integrate ESG principles throughout every investment we make at Apollo to drive positive social impact and expand opportunities

For over a decade Apollo has set the standard for ESG reporting within our industry. Read Volume 14 to see how Apollo is continuing to lead responsibly and drive a more sustainable future.

Apollo is where the best and brightest in the industry collaborate in an entrepreneurial environment. Learn more about our career opportunities.

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